Health Insurance

Aetna Individual Health Insurance

Aetna Individual Health Insurance

Aetna (NYSE: AET) is among the leading companies in the United States in dental, health care group life insurance, disability insurance, and employee benefits.

Aetna Individual Health Insurance

In the pursuit of helping people achieve financial and health-related protection, Aetna puts information and useful resources in the hands of its members, enabling them to make more informed choices regarding their health.


  • 18.468 million medical patients
  • 13.747 million dental members
  • 9.415 million members of pharmacies

Health care networks:

  • Over 1 million health care professionals
  • Over 561,000 of them are primary health care doctors and specialists
  • Over 5,300 hospital beds
  • A network of specialist doctors acknowledged with the Aexcel(r) certification for clinical excellence and cost effectiveness!

Programs and products:

  • Aetna offers a variety of employee and insurance products.
  • As the first national full-service health insurer that offers the consumer-directed health insurance plan, Aetna continues to lead in the industry by offering the Aetna HealthFund2 line that includes HSA, HRA, and RRA choices.
  • Aetna provides a variety of services and programs that aid in reducing the rising costs of employee benefits as well as aiming to enhance the overall quality of healthcare including the management of cases, prevention of disease, and patient security programs; integrated medical dental, pharmaceutical behavioral health, and disability information.
  • Aetna gives members access to useful tools and information that will assist them to make better-informed choices regarding their financial and health well-being.

Aetna Individual Health Insurance

A national site:

  • Aetna offers benefits to employers across all 50 states and offers specific products and services to mid-sized, small as well as large multinational employers.
  • Aetna also provides services to individuals as well as Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries in certain markets.