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Five Tips to Safeguard Yourself from Cyberstalking


In the present day, we live in, we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to stay connected. 


Due to the spread of the virus, the world has become more involved in the digital area where being at home working, going to classes or schools online as well as other activities. 

Is now the “New Way of living a life. Technology advancements and the growth of social media platforms have also made it possible for stalkers to observe and attack their targets. 

In the online world, online stalkers gather data and then terrorize their target without physical contact. 

We are constantly exposed to different kinds of threats every day. You can protect yourself from cyber-related dangers and risks by taking out insurance policies like the Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Insurance Policy.

What is Cyberstalking?

In simple terms, it involves using email direct messages, email, or any other electronic method to harass, scare or intimidate an individual victim, without causing physical injury. 

A cyberstalker typically targets the victim through social media. This could happen by trolls, sending frightening or threatening messages, or even hacking emails. 

It could also be through talking to the target’s family ones. There are instances when your social media accounts can be hacked, propagate false rumors, or even make fake IDs for accounts. 

The new norm has created a more convenient way for cyber-criminals to monitor and harass the targeted victim. 


This is why it’s so crucial to protect ourselves from cyberstalking. Each time we go online we are vulnerable to various dangers. 

Having cyber insurance This policy will provide you with the most complete protection for your needs throughout.

Is There a Difference Between Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying?

Before you can begin to learn the best practices, it is crucial to know the distinction between cyberbullying and cyberstalking. 

The term “cyberstalking” is utilized more often when someone is an adult. But, it is also utilized by those who are teenage or a child. 

Cyberstalking is a term used to describe online actions that create anxiety within the victim’s head to protect their physical safety.

Cyberbullying can be a major cause of emotional harm or hurting the victim.

Handy Tips to Safeguard Yourself Against Cyberstalking

The common factor in cyberstalking is the technology used and every cyberstalking situation is unique. 

Here’s a brief overview of important strategies to protect yourself from cyberstalking

  1. search Your Complete Name It’s the first thing! Find your full name and the city/state on one of the most popular search engines such as Google. This will enable you to discover details that are easily accessible within the open public domain. This will assist you in altering your privacy settings on the internet.
  2. Examine Social Media Controls: As a good hygienic method, it’s always beneficial to go over your social media accounts. It is also possible to request your family or friend to refrain from divulging your personal information to anyone. It is advised to switch off location services on different platforms. Turn off any public itineraries or calendars. It’s a good idea to check your friend list and remove or unfollow unfollowed people.
  3. Create Strong passwords: It is recommended to make strong passwords. Additionally, you can alter and reset passwords on every handle once or twice every month. Be sure to use strong passwords and not ones that could easily be guessed. To protect yourself, you can use two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication can be helpful when someone else attempts to log in because you’ll receive a message about the access being denied. Do not divulge your password to anyone.
  4. Secure Your electronic devices: You should avoid sending personal data or data over Wi-Fi networks that are public. It is advised to avoid conducting any type of monetary business in places that have access to Wi-Fi that is free. It is best to conduct any important transaction on a secure private network, or through an encrypted VPN. Secure the webcam whenever it isn’t in use. Make sure to scan your mobile or computer device frequently. It is recommended to install an anti-virus program or anti-spyware update.
  5. Do you have A cyber Insurance Plan: A appropriate cyber insurance policy will guarantee that you stay safe in the aftermath of any cyberattack. It also secures the online reputation of each user who has purchased the plan. 
  6. The right cybersecurity insurance enables the user to be protected from cyber-attacks. 


Wrapping it Up

Each of us is connected to any other social media site. Be aware of the content you share online. 

The more you share regarding yourself, you’ll be giving away more details that the person who is harassing you is able to use to stalk you. 

If anyone you are aware of is victimized by cyber-stalking, make sure you keep a digital record of such messages, emails, or screenshots. handy. 

Be sure that you report the stalker to the platform from which the harassment takes place. If the situation is serious Do not be afraid and seek the assistance of the police. 

Cyberstalking can be a risk, but being aware and following these steps will keep you secure. Stay safe online with an insurance policy for cyber security.

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