The Identity Theory of Autism: How Autistic Identity Is Experienced Differently

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From my earliest recollections, I recognized that I was different from the majority of people around me and that it was sometimes difficult to characterize. elemy autism care While all autistics are distinct from one another and the rest of humanity, most would feel so strange that they questioned if they were even the same … Read more

The purpose of human cultures

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A comparison of basic parameters with the cultures of other primates, our closest living relatives, offers a clear starting point for appreciating what makes human cultures unique and comprehending the fundamental purpose of symbolic (spoken) human language. Human civilizations Human babies, on the other hand, are naturally inclined to assist strangers without the need for … Read more

Thank you, Autism Speaks! You inadvertently confirmed my argument about Autistic instincts.

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As a self-aware Autistic parent to an Autistic child, we have been so in tune with one another since the day she was born. But— Despite how hard they tried, non-autistic family members’ instincts failed them when it came to my kid, signs of autism in infants It was a huge mistake to separate us. They … Read more