5 Powerful Benefits of UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage: Enhanced Coverage, Expanded Benefits, and More!

UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage

UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage


Welcome to the world of UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage, where quality healthcare meets comprehensive coverage
for seniors. As a trusted provider, UnitedHealthcare understands the unique needs of individuals aged 65 and older.
Partnered with AARP, this plan offers a range of benefits, ensuring you enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life during
your retirement years.

Why Choose UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage?

1. Comprehensive Coverage

With UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage, you can expect extensive coverage that goes beyond the benefits of
Original Medicare. In addition to Part A and Part B, this plan often includes Part D prescription drug coverage,
preventive services, and even vision, dental, and hearing coverage.

2. Network Flexibility

Access to a broad network of doctors and hospitals is essential. UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage offers just
that. You’ll have access to a vast network of healthcare providers, giving you the flexibility to choose the doctors
and specialists that fit your needs best.

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3. Additional Benefits

Standalone Medicare plans often lack additional benefits that seniors may desire. With UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare
Advantage, you can enjoy perks such as fitness programs, nurse helplines, SilverSneakersĀ®, and transportation
services. These additional benefits cater to your overall well-being and make your retirement years exciting and

4. Enhanced Care Coordination

UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage plans often provide care coordination services, ensuring your healthcare
needs are managed comprehensively. This means you have a team of professionals guiding you through your health
journey, ensuring you receive the right care at the right time, and helping you navigate complex medical processes.

5. Cost Control

Managing healthcare costs is vital, especially during retirement. UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage offers
cost-control features like capped out-of-pocket expenses, which give you peace of mind and protection from
excessive medical bills.

6. Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription medications can be a significant expense for seniors. UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage
generally includes Part D prescription drug coverage. This allows you to conveniently fill your medications at
preferred pharmacies and save on costs.

7. Health and Wellness Programs

UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage plans provide access to various health and wellness programs that focus on
your overall well-being. These programs often aim to support healthy lifestyle choices, chronic disease management,
and preventive care, allowing you to live a vibrant and active life.

8. Flexibility for Snowbirds

If you are a snowbird or spend a considerable amount of time away from your primary residence, UnitedHealthcare AARP
Medicare Advantage plans offer out-of-area coverage, giving you flexibility and peace of mind no matter where you
travel within the United States.

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9. Simplicity of Enrollment

Enrolling in UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage is a straightforward process. Their enrollment specialists are
available to guide you through the process, ensuring you understand your options and select the plan that best fits
your healthcare needs and budget.

10. Exceptional Customer Service

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. With AARP’s reputation for helping seniors,
you can expect a positive and cheerful experience when contacting customer support or seeking assistance with any
aspect of your UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage plan.


UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage offers a range of benefits and comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique
needs of seniors aged 65 and older. With access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals, additional
benefits, care coordination, and cost control features, this plan provides peace of mind, excellent customer
service, and the opportunity to live a healthy, vibrant life during your retirement years.


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Q: Who is eligible for UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage?

A: UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage is available to individuals aged 65 or older who are eligible for

Q: Are my current doctors and hospitals likely to be in the network?

A: UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage typically offers access to a wide network of providers, but it’s always
recommended to check with the plan to ensure your specific doctors and hospitals are in-network.

Q: What if I require specialized care or want to see a particular specialist?

A: UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage plans usually provide access to a network of specialists. However, it is
essential to review the plan’s network and know their referral policies for specialized care.

Q: How can I find out if my medications are covered?

A: Most UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. To check if your specific
medications are covered, review the plan’s formulary or speak with a representative who can provide details on the

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